Pre-Season Programme

Welcome to our pre-season programme page, where you’ll find all the information you need to plan and organise your activities during the 2 week pre-season programme. This programme commences on Monday, 7th August 2017.

As always the objective is to help you prepare for the season ahead, by allowing you to take responsibility for the areas you need to focus on, be that skills or technique, fitness and flexibility or setting your goals or milestone targets.

Remember the more you personally invest in getting things straight at this end of the season, the more likely you are to achieve the results you want by the end of the season.

The programme  is targeted at C squad and above and involves intensive training. If any swimmer or parent would like to understand more about what is involved please speak with Tom.

During this 2 week programme all swimmers from C squad and above are invited to attend the pre-season training programme every day, rather than conform to normal training nights.

Below you’ll find 4 pieces of information to help you plan your activities during this 2 week pre-season programme.

1. Programme Information to download (timetables & workshop explanations)
2. An interactive timetable
3. Workshop Availability Table (based on places remaining)
4. An on-line booking form (to book your slot in the chosen workshop)

Remember this is your pre-season programme, and not your friends’; so make sure you choose the workshops you need and not the ones you want.


Each days’ programme starts at either 5.00pm or 5.30pm and runs for 2 hours per night, except for Fridays where the session starts at 5.00pm and runs for 3 hours – so be sure to factor in these differences to your normal training times. Please see the timetable below or the downloadable documents for further information.

The first half an hour of each days’ programme requires you to choose one 30 minute workshop to attend. You will find information on what workshops are running each day, along with what you’ll need to take part and who is leading the session, in the documents you can download (below). Please be aware that week 2 workshops are phased differently than week 1.

Please use the on-line booking form (at the bottom of this page) to book your places in the daily workshops. The table underneath the timetable will inform you how many places are remaining in each workshop.

From Monday – Thursday the sessions following the optional workshop are compulsory, and involve some core exercise training (in the pool) followed by some pool training.

On Fridays you are asked to choose both a workshop for the first 30 minutes as well as a Goal Setting & Planning workshop (6.00 – 6.45pm). Please only book one Goal Setting & Planning Workshop – the other week you will join the running or land training session during this period.

If you choose not to take part in a workshop option at any time, then you will be asked, by default, to take part in another scheduled session, typically 30 minutes of running or other forms of land training, on occasion.

Documents to Download

Pre-Season Workshop Programme – Timetable & Workshop Options
Workshop Information

Timetable (Interactive)


Workshop Availability (Places Remaining)

This information will be updated daily.

Booking Form

Please enter the relevant information on your chosen workshops using the form below. Once submitted you’ll receive a e-mail confirming the choices you’ve made.

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