Typically there are 3 main areas of fees or costs associated with being a member of Fauldhouse Penguins. These are:

1. Club Fees (Monthly)
2. S.A.S.A. Fees (Annual)
3. Competition Fees (per swimming event)


Club Fees     ^

Our club fees are calculated on 12 equal monthly payments and reviewed annually at our AGM each November.

Tom Sievewright (Head Coach) will inform you which squad your child will join.

The monthly fees associated with each squad are listed below. If you have any questions relating to fees or payment of fees please contact Helen Kane, our club Treasurer.

SQUAD Fees / Month
A Squad £36.00
B Squad £34.00
C Squad £31.00
D Squad £29.00
Young Masters £31.00
Learn to Swim £15.00

Please use the following information to set up a standing order for your monthly swimming fees. We kindly ask that each child has a separate standing order using their name as a reference – this helps our accounting processes.

Bank Bank of Scotland
Sort Code 80-05-56
Account Number 00118087
Reference Your Child’s Name

After making any payment by bank transfer could we ask that you notify Helen Kane, via e-mail, confirming the details of your payment.

If your child leaves the swimming club we politely remind you that it’s the parents’ responsibility to cancel any standing orders with their bank.

S.A.S.A. Fees     ^

S.A.S.A. (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) fees are concerned with  membership to this governing body. While this association provides many benefits, the primary one is insurance to swim with affiliated clubs and in affiliated competitions. Without valid S.A.S.A. membership swimmers are not insured to swim or train. Please note swimmers will be prevented from training and competing if their S.A.S.A. membership is not valid. So please remember, it’s important for you to pay these fees in good time each year.

We will let you know when your S.A.S.A. fees are due. As with other fees, S.A.S.A. fees can be paid directly to the club via a bank account payment, using the above bank details. Again making these payments separate for each swimmer helps us enormously. Alternatively, please speak directly with our Treasurer (Kelly Thompson).

For more information on S.A.S.A. fees and membership please click on the link below:

Scottish Swimming – Club Membership

Competition Fees     ^

Typically there are two kinds of galas that swimmers may be asked to take part in:

  1. ‘Open’ Galas
  2. Inter-Club Galas (e.g. Forth Valley Junior League)

Open galas are swimming galas that are ‘open’ for any swimmer to apply to swim in, so long as they meet the criteria set out in the gala conditions.

Our head coach will handle all event applications and will let you know which events swimmers have been successful in being accepted for. It is only events that a swimmer has been successfully accepted for where there will be an event fee to pay.

Event fees will vary from competition to competition.

Access to information on certified galas including, venues, dates, event programmes, and event fees can be found either within events in our calendar or via the following website:

Swim Scotland

Inter-club galas such as Forth Valley Junior League do not require payment of fees to swim at them.