About Us

Fauldhouse Penguins Swimming Club  was founded to support and develop the swimming abilities of young people from around the area. While the swimming club was originally established in Fauldhouse some decades ago it was re-founded in the year 2000 by Eian Prentice.

We are based in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, Scotland and train at our pool within the Fauldhouse Partnership Centre. The Fauldhouse Partnership Centre is a facility designed to serve the community of Fauldhouse for core purposes of health and well-being. It was opened in 2011 and is the home of the Penguins.

Eian is sadly no longer with us, having passed away in 2007, but his legacy and the culture that he passionately created lives on through the committed leadership of our head coach, Tom Sievewright.

Born 1959 in Dumfries, Eian Prentice was the eldest of 5 children.  He was brought up on a farm and, like most in the farming community, was no stranger to hard work – accordingly, this work ethic extended to his involvement with swimming. Eian expected a lot from everyone connected with the club; including those in positions of authority – but never more than he expected from himself.

Eian learned to swim in 1970 while living in Australia.  As a result of his passion for swimming that followed, Eian and his wife Lesley actively supported all 3 of their children as they pursued their swimming ambitions some years later.  Elder son Gordon joined the Whitburn Club in 1992, with daughter Jenny following suit a year later.  Before long, Eian was asked to help out, which he agreed to do on the condition that younger son Callum got into the teaching pool; albeit at the tender age of 3!

Having passed his prelim teachers exam, Eian went on to obtain his teachers certificate in 1995 and then his Club Coach qualification in 2000.  However, recognising the benefits of providing a range of aquatic sports options to local youngsters, he also qualified as a Water Polo coach in 2002.  In addition, his interest in Open Water swimming led to several club swimmers performing with distinction in events throughout the country, including the UK Grand Prix. To this day Tom, our head coach, achieves similarly impressive standards, while also actively encouraging our swimmers to take part in open water events.

In 2000, Eian applied to resurrect the Fauldhouse club, quickly adopting the now familiar ‘Penguins’ name.  Before long he had put a club structure in place that allowed swimmers of all abilities, from beginners through to those performing at national level, to progress according to their own ambitions.  Eian championed the need to provide local people with access to swimming at a reasonable cost, but notably held ambitions that extended well beyond most people’s imagination. Today, through Tom and our committee, how we run our club is founded on these same principles.

Fauldhouse Penguins, based on the standards set out by Eian and in keeping with the success that followed, achieves notable successes. This is without doubt now due to the vision and commitment of  Tom Seivewright our head coach, the support and dedication of his coaching team and our committee members, but not least through the sheer hard work and dedication of our swimmers. Tom, like Eian, is passionate about giving young swimmers in the club a chance to know how it feels to be part of a team,  to experience the thrill of competing and whenever possible winning medals. We are very proud of all our swimmers, and like Eian, our focus doesn’t always go towards the winners, but instead to those who have tried their hardest.

Eian Prentice was a genuine leader who saw potential where others saw only problems.  In many ways he ‘swam against the tide’ but often enjoying the journey as he did. Eian is sadly missed, but for those who knew him never forgotten. Eian, we’re sure, would be immensely proud of the work Tom and the team continue on in his name, and we’re confident you would be too, if you’re interested in paying us a visit and joining our club. And, if you are please get in touch