Vice President

Role Descriptor


To ensure the Club is run effectively and efficiently whilst providing a safe environment for all.



  • To stand in for the Chairperson in his or her absence [see list below]
  • Support the Chairperson by working closely with him/her and accepting any delegated tasks that are assigned from the list below
  • Take responsibility for managing the Committee and the affairs of the club
  • Chair committee meetings so that everyone has a chance to present their views, that all business is completed and that all decisions are properly understood and recorded
  • Oversee and guide all decisions taken by the Committee and sub committees
  • In conjunction with the secretary, prepare and present the Annual Report
  • Liaise with the Secretary on the agenda for each meeting and approve the minutes before they are circulated
  • Be completely familiar with the constitution, club rules, committee procedures and the National Governing Body rules and regulations
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to ensure that funds are spent properly and in the best interests of the club
  • Represent the club at local, regional and national level
  • Follow and promote the SASA Child Protection policy




  • Enthusiasm
  • Good listener
  • Diplomacy
  • Good communication skills
  • Well organised
  • Prepared to make a regular time commitment
  • Decisive
  • Confident at some public speaking and keeping order during meetings



  • Be a member of Scottish Swimming
  • Attend appropriate training
  • Sign and adhere to the Club’s Volunteer Code of Conduct



  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop (renewable every 3 years)



Time commitment can vary dependant on size and nature of club, and events attending.