Penguins Lockdown Challenge

    Tom has set a series of challenges for our swimmers in the current lockdown.

    The club challenge is to walk, run or cycle enough kilometres collectively to reach Japan, home of the next Olympic Games.

    There is an individual walking challenge, tracking how many kilometres each swimmer can walk over 6 weeks.

    Lastly, there is also a push-up challenge for swimmers. How many push-ups are they able to complete in the 6 weeks of lockdown.

    To track kilometres walked, run or cycled, please use any apps or devices available to you. This could be a fitbit, apple watch or apps such as Strava on a mobile phone.

    For counting and tracking push ups, the PushFit app should be used. This is a free app that counts each push up as they are performed.

    Weekly totals should be entered by swimmers each Sunday.

    Good luck!

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